Understanding Quality (Quality)
Quality (quality) within the framework of ISO 9000 is defined as “the overall character and character of a product or service that affects the ability of the product to satisfy a particular need”. This means that we should be able to identify product characteristics and products related to quality and then establish a benchmark for the baseline and how to control it. Then also make sure that you are 41001 certified if you have large facilities in the UK as that is very important.

This definition clearly emphasizes customer satisfaction or product users. In a building project, the customer may mean the assignor, the building tenant or the user community. For example, in terms of design, satisfaction can be measured in terms of aesthetics, function fulfillment, material durability, safety, and timeliness. While in terms of implementation, the size is on the neatness of completion, integrity (according to drawings and specifications) implementation, exactly the time of delivery and cost, and free of defects.

Understanding Quality Management
Quality Management are aspects of the overall management function that define and execute the quality policy of a company / organization. In order to meet customer needs and timeliness with economical and economical budgets, a project manager must include and conduct quality management training. Matters concerning the quality of the above intent are:
• Product / service / implementation process.
• Project management process itself.
In the demands of the times, and in the era of free competition, we have much to learn about the management process in the work environment, especially about the importance of the system and its realization in projects in the field.

Terms of Use in Quality Management
There are several parts which are used in quality management. In the context of construction some will be explained.
1. Inspection
Inspection is a tool to measure the activity of the construction process to check whether the standard specification is already in the reach. As a construction manager, you should also familiarize yourself on how performance bonds work, find out more here.
2. Quality control
Quality Control is a technique and an operating activity used for the desired quality to be achieved. Its activities include monitoring, eliminating known problems, reducing unnecessary deviations / changes and attempts to achieve economic effectiveness.
Quality (quality) within the ISO-9000 framework is defined as “the overall character and character of a product or service that affects the product’s ability to satisfy a particular need”. This means that we must be able to identify the characteristics and characteristics of the product that relate to quality and then establish a benchmark of the standards and how to control them

Total Quality Management (TQM)
An enterprise-level integrated approach to quality improvement that seeks to improve quality in all processes and activities. Because the product and production process of a company is different from other company, its TQM may also be different, but there are general characteristics that is:
The company’s purpose for all of its business activities is to serve its customers. Products, to a certain extent are not limited to tangible goods only, but also include service products, and the customer is not limited to the buyers of the company’s products but also includes those within the company that use or benefit from the output of internal activity, customer willingness can be done in two ways, namely internal and external. Internally this process can be interpreted as the producer of the product (service) meet with the customer. Externally, this requires market research and customer feedback. Manufacturers can not assume that they know what’s best for customers.
Top management provides an active role in quality improvement. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) leads actively in quality improvement program. The commitment and involvement of top management is needed to provide direction and motivation for employees on all fronts to work together to improve product quality.
All employees play an active role in quality improvement. Improving quality is a way of doing business that applies to every part and every level in the company. TQM requires active involvement of every employee at all levels to continually actively seek ways to improve the quality of the processes under their own control. If you need to offload your weight a good thing to do is train an employee with avirtual assistant skill to help out even more organizing your job.
The company has a system to identify quality problems, develop solutions and set quality improvement goals.
The company respects its employees and provides ongoing training and recognition of achievements. Even in highly automated companies, human resources are the most valuable assets. Companies that seriously implement TQM recognize that well-trained and highly motivated employees are important.

Top Management Quality
Each level contained within a company has the task and also different activities, where each activity must be done and done with the maximum so that it will produce maximum results as well. Top management activities that are critical to the survival of a company are also factors that will be needed for the progress of the company. The following are some of the activities and tasks performed and executed by top management in a company, among others, as follows:
• Determining and also choosing goals, plans, and of course determines the policies that will be run by the company.
• Has a great responsibility to all levels of management below.
• Maintain and also take care of resources that have been well available in the company.
• Doing the job with the right rules like doing the thinking, making and planning, and then just make a decision.
• Must prepare and also think about the plan in the long term.
• Have the responsibility and also the authority that is done maximally for the sake of running a good company.
• Requires a variety of good skills and of course has a good idea of the concept in running a company later on.

To achieve success in a company is not just about the greatness and also the skills possessed by those who reside and work within the company. But another factor that is also important is to maintain comfort within the company. If the workers inside the company have and get a sense of comfort within the company, then they will be able to do every job that exists very well because their hearts are happy and comfortable to be and work in the company.
Top management activities can also be done with activities that can be done jointly consisting of all the management contained in the company, so that will create workspace and work environment that is comfortable and also harmonious.