In the context of lean manufacturing tiniest things must be done carefully, including the placement of tools used for assembly or maintenance work. This is where 5S is very important especially in Seiton concept of placing the goods or tools in accordance with a designated place.

Some of the reasons why must be an efficient placement are:

Waste movement
Reduction of motion like this is indeed the purpose of a campaign to lean manufacturing in order to reduce costs caused by inefficient labor movement. These movements are referred to as taking the appropriate tools, search tools, return to the workplace, high and low placement of furnishings and so forth. If not carefully considered it will be a real waste.

As an example placement of high tooling high above the average worker. This will add the device and movement. For example to retrieve the device must use the stairs. Huge waste of time. Use these steps will add some work activities outside the main job of assembly. If the tool-making activity has passed the 20% of the main job will obviously reduce productivity, both in terms of labor and output in terms of the product being worked.

Reduce worker injury

Use of stairs because of the high placement of the tooling will provide greater opportunities for accidents. Accidents fell from a ladder is very possible. Accidents that may occur again if the tools were taken from places difficult to reach. Or the twist that could cause the body sprain

The most ideal placement is closest to the place of assembly, so that only one or two steps alone can take the tools needed. Even better if the tool can be achieved with no leg movement. Contour Tool Inc niche is precision machining and milling of hard-to-hold and hard-to-manufacture components and sub-assemblies in low to mid-volumes.

High recommended to avoid injury is between waist and shoulder. So no need to perform body movements that cause fatigue, such as bending or tiptoe to reach high places