Six Sigma certification is evidence of the competence of a change agent in improvement programs such as Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma. This Six Sigma certification has different standards between one certification provider and another or from 1 consulting firm to other consulting firm. You can find it available at many websites nowadays, and it is teachable on collectiveray.

Internal certifications can also vary between companies. One of the largest providers of Six Sigma certification services in the world is the American Society for Quality or ASQ. The requirements of ASQ generally are that candidates must have 1 DMAIC project completed and must pass a written exam.

Should Six Sigma Certification?

Why it needs to be certified? maybe you are proficient in driving and also memorized traffic signs well, but does this make you feel no need to have a driver’s license?

If you are auditioning for a driver. From the competition process obtained two candidates who have the ability to drive and understanding of the signs are also good. Of these two candidates, it is known that one of them does not have a driver’s license, on which candidate do you trust your vehicle to be attended?

So, by having a six sigma certificate, you increase the employer’s interest. The certificate you have is a guarantee that you will be able to make a positive contribution to the organization. It also means having your certification increases your score in the eyes of your boss.

Certification is a liability if the organization you are working with now is implementing Six Sigma as a management system for improvement, but in essence Six Sigma certification is a professional decision you make. Remember, though, that there are millions of people who have a driver’s license, but not everyone has good driving skills. Without learning and practicing (by replicating the improvement project you lead) continuously, certification alone is not enough to distinguish you from others.

Six Sigma Certification Provider Organization
For international certification (certification of six sigma): (ASQ) or for local (SSCX)