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Toyota production system is a powerful method for making production since the system is an effective tool to generate the ultimate goal – profit . The main purpose : 1. Earnings Through Cost Reduction Cost reduction and productivity improvements achieved by removing waste. Types of waste in the fabrication operations : 1. Resource production too much 2. Excessive production 3. preparations too much 4. The capital investment unnecessary Costs in the Toyota production system not only cost fabrication , but also the cost of sales , administrative costs , and capital costs . Therefore, the expenditure of funds to make a profit in the past , present and future , which will be deducted from sales . 2. Removal Product Overload Four types of waste will also increase the cost admiistrasi , direct material costs , direct labor costs and indirect and overhead costs , for example depreciation etc . Workforce too much will cause the waste berikkutnya , the first action is very important that red

Understanding About Kanban System.

SYSTEM KANBAN Kanban is a card that is circulating in the plant of Toyota and has two types that can be used is Kanbab refund and ordering Kanban – production . Kanban returns detailing the amount that must be taken by the next process ,while the production Kanban – bookings indicate the amount to be produced by the process. Kanban system is an information system which harmoniously control the amount of production in each process . As a result , many processes in the plant will be interconnected so as to allow better control. Kanban system is supported by the following : 1. Launching production 2. Freezing jobs 3. Reduction of setup time 4. Activities repairs 5. The design layout engine 6. Autonomasi Function Kanban Kanban has two main functions , namely as production control and as a means of increasing production .Its function as a production control gained by bringing together the process and develop a system that is timely so that the raw materials , components or products