In improvements reduce the number of workers on the line, Toyota eliminate wasted operations, reallocate operations, and reduce labor. Disappearance operation completely useless will result in the reallocation operation among workers in the workplace and a partial reduction of labor.
Steps to consider reducing the number of workers with Define time for each worker and revise standard operating routine to get rid of it (reduction). To generate the operating manual repair or compensate for changes in production levels, there are three seal the document that must be considered :
1. The removal operations were futile.
When the waiting time for each job being measured, he must stand without doing anything after completing terakhit operations assigned to it. With this, everyone will be able to see that he had time to spare, and there would be fewer obstacles if he is given one or two jobs anymore.
2. Reallocation operation.
Reallocation conducted on workers A to E, then the waiting time for workers F should not be disposed of with split among six existing workers on the line.
3. Reduction of the workforce.
In the workforce reduction to be carried out beforehand that the best workers to be moved. If untrained workers moved, he There may be objections, and he will never develop into skilled workers. Conversely, workers who stand to be happy and have the opportunity to learn utntuk another job in a factory.
The three types of manual operations that must be examined , including net operating to increase the added value that may be eliminated through the use of automated machines. Besides improvements on the tititk difficult lines can be maintained as a backup to change the sale or change in the model allows changing the cycle time or rencangan workplace.