Itself form of a round-U is that the entrance and exit lines are in the same position. Spatial rotation U have some variation of ‘concave shapes and circles. The advantage of using this layout is its flexibility to increase or decrease the number of workers needed if you have to adjust to changes in the reduction of number of employees or the number of production. Timely production pull system can also be achieved in each process, a round shape U allows multiple regions or areas specifically developed for operation workers
Spatial Improper
Spatial was not right that avoided Toyota divided into three main categories:
1. Spatial birdhouse, spatial form is the simplest requires that the workers assigned on one type of machine. This spatial type is called spatial birdhouse because usually rhombic, rectangular and triangular
2. Spatial remote island, room layout is considered that there is a dual-function workers, and enable product flow continuously and smoothly between the various types of machines, it also ensures that continuous paths for walking with the shortest distance to each worker. Spatial remote island engineering methods based on the theory that a worker should not be run at all when working at a certain position. Regarding the remote island, how to use the tool carrier (conveyor) is also important.
3. Spatial straight line, to overcome the loss of spatial remote island, various types of machines can be mounted in a straight line. using spatial straight line, one of the main shortcomings remote island can be eliminated early and therefore allows the product to flow smoothly and quickly between machines. Installed in the form of straight lines, each line does not depend on other lines.
It Combines the Form U
By using this combined spatial planning, allocation operation among workers in response to variations amount car production can be achieved by following the routine determination of standard operating procedures. With this combined spatial planning, energy fractions that may be found in the spatial straight line will be absorbed into various individual lines.