If making repair work, respect for humanity can be maintained by observing the following rules:
Give workers a valuable job. Workforce reduction is sometimes seen as a way to force the workers to work hard without any humanitarian considerations. But this criticism is based on a misunderstanding of the nature of repair work or in case of using the wrong procedure. Interest improvement program is to increase the amount of net operating added with use values that can be done with the same amount of labor. Interest improvement work program is to eliminate unnecessary work like that and using that time to perform a clean operation with added value, so that the overall standard of operation time and the number of workers is reduced / less. If it is difficult to understand the Toyota production system would be difficult to implement, especially in an environment that the union is strong.

In the factory Toyota, respect for humanity is a matter of human energy unification with useful and effective operation by eliminating unneeded surgery.
Keeping open lines of communication within the organization. The views are used to improve the repair job is important. Commands reduce the number of workers! Or improve the work process! Not enough to solve the problem. Every workplace has its own problems and certainly the workers usually interested in solving the problem. But, in general, workers will only complain to the union and there can be reluctance to Manager. On the other hand, if the supervisor respond quickly and effectively, the worker will trust the supervisor and meras that these workers play an active role in improving the workplace.

Order a trusting relationship is very important to promoting repair, if supervisors and technical staff proposal from the industry to respect the workplace and do improvements together with the workers, everyone in the factory will have a spirit and a high awareness will be his role in improvement activities. So nobody who feel alienated