How Kanban Supplier should have applied to the Supplier

Kanban supplier has two steps, namely :

1. At 8 am , the driver of the truck sending Kanban supplier and empty boxes to the supplier.
2. Once kegudang , the driver handed over to the Kanban warehouse worker and immediately moved to the truck which already contains spare parts and Kanban , then diangkkut to Toyota . There are two things that should be noted , namely :

a. Kanban supplier and supplier production time of reservation . Kanban number of suppliers who were taken to the warehouse is not always within their number of boxes taken back to Toyota .
b. How do I use the truck for Kanban System : a three – truck system . One truck is being driven by the driver , other trucks are used to unload parts in Toyota , Other trucks laggi used to load parts in the warehouse . So the three workers involved in the loading and unloading simultaneously.

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Advantages of the transportation system , namely :

• Eliminate idle time as the delivery time between the supplier and the parent pablik no longer requires waiting time , loading time or time of demolition in each warehouse .
• Although the use of three trucks in the long term , this system will not add to production costs . While the spare sukurunnya sent by one truck needed extra workers and this will increase the cost of production .
• Even though it requires transporting many times , the advantage of the decline in stocks is much greater than the increase in freight costs .

How Kanban In – Processing will be circulated in the Factory Supplier

If the spare parts will be taken 2 times a day , in order to adapt them to this time schedule , ordering post – production is divided into two boxes .
Spare parts are sent at 8 am as the number of Kanban customers and will be completed no later than 10 o’clock that night . Spare parts will be loaded into trucks at 10 pm to be sent to Toyota .While the parts are sent at 10 pm as the number of customers Kanban will be completed at 8 am the next day and spare parts will be loaded into the truck at 8 am to be sent to Toyota .