Kanban is a card that is circulating in the plant of Toyota and has two types that can be used is Kanbab refund and ordering Kanban – production .
Kanban returns detailing the amount that must be taken by the next process ,while the production Kanban – bookings indicate the amount to be produced by the process.
Kanban system is an information system which harmoniously control the amount of production in each process .
As a result , many processes in the plant will be interconnected so as to allow better control.

Kanban system is supported by the following :

1. Launching production
2. Freezing jobs
3. Reduction of setup time
4. Activities repairs
5. The design layout engine
6. Autonomasi

Function Kanban
Kanban has two main functions , namely as production control and as a means of increasing production .Its function as a production control gained by bringing together the process and develop a system that is timely so that the raw materials , components or products needed will come on when needed in appropriate amounts .
While its function as a means of increasing production can be obtained if the application by using the inventory level reduction approach .
Inventory levels can be reduced in a controlled manner through a reduction in the number of Kanban in circulation during the production process .

Maintaining JIT with Kanban System
Although the use of kanban systems , JIT will sullit achieved if it does not meet system prerequisites such as the planning process , standardization of operations , the launch of production , etc .

Information via Kanban
Kanban will submit information on the number of shots and the amount of production to achieve JIT production .

Conform with the Total Production Changing
Although the Toyota production system has a management philosophy of production that the unit can be produced without any excess , but still there is a risk of variation in production needs. This risk is addressed by using overtime and repair activities in each process .