Four procedures to improve the preparation, among others:
1. Separating the internal setup of an external setup.
To change the setup becomes eeksternal internal and external to reduce setup time, pehatikan the following things:
a. Develop first mall, tooling, molding, and material.
b. Maintaining the mold that is in good condition.
c. Make a table to set up operations outside.
d. Maintaining neatness storage area malls and prints that have been detached.
2. Repair Operations.
The main points to the continuous improvement:
a. Keeping the tool and mold storage area neat and organized.
b. Monitoring the effects of changing a routine operation.
c. Monitor the purposes of labor for each operation.
d. Monitor the purposes of each operation.
3. Repair Tools
Here’s how to do:
a. Organize external setup and change the equipment so that various kinds of setup can be selected by pressing the zero key.
b. Change the structure of equipment / utensils created so that setup and improvements can be reduced.
c. Remove the necessary adjustments to determine the height or position of the mold or maldengan using the class barrier and by changing the manual to automatic adjustment.
d. Revised standard operating routine sheet and provide training after the equipment repaired.
4. The challenge to reduce setup time to zero.
To achieve zero setup, must use the same spare parts for various products.