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Complete on Management Trainee

Management Trainee program is an abbreviated” MT “. MT is a program prepared by the company to prepare candidates for the successor company later. Graduates MT minimum is a supervisor. MT like a goal that would have the condition. Following requirements to become MT: 1. GPA of at least 3 2 high IQ 3 Good Morals 4. good English ability 5. experience organizing 6 can provide a change to the company. In addition to having the terms, MT also has a provision that diijalaniu for 1 year, 4 months in class, 3 months rotary OJT (on the job training), and 6 months of dedicated OJT. In addition to becoming the MT also must go through the following process: 1 Interview 2 IQ Test 3 Tests Newspaper 4 English Language Test 5.-verbal test 6 Tests numeric 7 Health Test 8 And various recruitment procedures. MT has several phases of the program that must be followed and passed by every person who wants to be MT, including: 1 In Class Training 2 Rotary OJT (OJT = On the Job Training) 3 Dedicated OJT (OJT