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The important point of a company

Management is like a foundation to run a business. Various management system can be done and always improved every year. By good management companies, an effort that could continue to rise. Following seven management system framework: 1 Strategic Measurement Analysis and Reporting Technique (SMART) 2 Performance Measurement Questionnaire (PMQ) 3 Performance for World Class Manufacturing (PWCM) 4 Quantum Performance Measurement Model (QPMM) 5. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) 6 Integrated Performance Measurement Systems (IPMS) 7 Performance Prism After the above frameworks are formed, it’s time to do business wheel according to the principles and standardization efforts to support the advancement and development of a company. Standardization that include: 1 Keywords: Mature 2 Qualified Human Resources, Loyal, and Prosperous 3 Open Manager, Decisive, and Democrats 4 Comfortable Working Environment and Support 5. Open and Always Learning While the principle in the form: 1 Work hard 2 Work goo