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Statistics and Six Sigma

Statistics and Six Sigma . In 1925 , Shewhart Whalter known as the father of quality control once said that : “The contribution is not seen statistics on how many employees you are a statistician , but how successful you embed statistical mindset at the technicians , production , and Engineer who formed you in the future ” . What people are saying Shewhart seventy- six years ago it was still very relevant to the current conditions . Seriring the increasing desire of customers to the superior quality plus many options , manufacturers are competing to improve their performance in order to win the competition by improving quality and productivity . In recent decades some performance improvement methodology used by the manufacturer to be able to continue to be effective and efficient in the process . Six Sigma is a methodology that proved to be one of them helps the manufacturer to be able to achieve that goal . Roots of Six Sigma process improvement approach that encourages through statis

Six Sigma as a Management System

Consistent use of measurement tools will help organization to understand and control the process of the core , and with a systematic problem solving methodology to help organizations get a solution that is based on the root of the problem . However , in reality implementing measurement tools and methodologies appropriate discipline has yet to ensure the organization to achieve remarkable performance improvements . For that , at a higher level , six sigma can be used also as a practical management system that focuses on four areas : 1. Understanding who the customer and his needs 2. Harmonize strategies and core processes in meeting those needs 3. Using detailed data analysis to understand and minimize the variation on the core processes 4. Strong infrastructure , to ensure improvement in the course of activities of an organization can go freeway If appropriate measuring tools , proven methodologies , and powerful system management combined organization then you will feel the impact of

Six Sigma as a measurement tool

What tools do we use if we want to know who the heavier between you and me? … Right scales. If you want to know more? …. Then the meter is the answer. The same thing applies Thus, if we want to compare two or more different processes and would like to know which one is better performance? Then six sigma was the one measuring instrument. Level of how good, judging from how many products / services that we produce in accordance with customer expectations, or in other words, the smaller the defect produced by our process, then the better our processes. Statistically, six sigma process means we are not going to make the goods more than 3.4 defects per one million products or services received by the customer, the less disability you make it the higher the sigma level.