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Six Sigma Methodology : CONTROL

The most important thing to do Six Sigma lies in this phase , CONTROL . Victory is more difficult to maintain when we get it . The purpose of this phase is to ensure thorough implementation can run good , sustainable ( sustainably ) . Phase Control is also the end of an active involvement in the project team . What are the main steps in this phase ? Here’s the explanation :

Six Sigma Methodology : ANALYZE

Once we collect the data , visualize , and obtain baseline sigma level in the Measure phase , the next step is the Analyze phase . Goal in this phase we will analyze the root problem set ( x ‘s ) which have a significant influence on Y. Here are the main steps of the Analyze phase :

Reaching Excellence Through Six Sigma

What is six sigma ? Six sigma is a statistical concept that measures the error in relation to the process – at the level of six sigma , there were 3.4 failures for every one million opportunities . So for example , you produce 1 million of goods , then the defect is only 3.4 ! That means the percentage , we are working to achieve accuracy = 99.9997 % or nearly perfect Why companies need to apply six sigma . Of course this is because it can help companies to dramatically improve the quality of work , and in the end can increase revenues and lower costs of quality failure . For example , in the company of General Electric , Six Sigma add a turnover of more than $ 2 billion in 1999 alone . While in the company Motorola has achieved savings of more than $ 15 billion in the first 10 years the use of Six Sigma . Also on AlliedSignal companies that have reported savings of $ 1.5 billion through the Six Sigma program . Six Sigma process itself can be done through the following five stages . Ph