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What qualities are needed to become a Black Belt

To create a Six Sigma project to run smoothly and in accordance with the target takes a few professionals who have their respective roles . In the project level we know the Black Belt , Green Belt , Master Black Belt , and Team Members . In the organizational level there are champions and Sponsors. We will discuss each of them in a separate article , we will now focus on the Black Belt . What qualities are needed to become a Black Belt is reliable? Let us consider the following:

5 - Why Analysis

Why Analysis is a tool (tool) root cause analysis for problem solving. This tool helps to identify the root cause of a problem or discrepancy with the process or product. Why Analysis or 5 Why

Learn from 5S Work Culture Of Japan

The Japanese have a very good work ethic. No wonder the economy is in the Sunrise country thrives. How not, in the country the people are not only working for the money using the gambling opyions from , but the work is their pleasure. Japanese society also has a unique culture, which is to uphold the tradition. It can be seen from the attitudes, ways of thinking, working pattern, manner of dress, language, to the diet. 5S is the Japanese work culture is pretty well known people of the world, in order to increase profit, efficiency, service and safety. 5S workplace culture is Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke. 5S workplace culture are now widely applied in organization and business enterprises.

The concept of Kaizen

The concept of kaizen include several things , namely : A. Concept 3 M ( Muda , Mura , and Muri ) This concept was formed to reduce the number of work processes , improve quality , shorten the time and reduce or efficiency .