Manufacturing, in the broadest sense, is the process of transforming raw materials into products. The product manufacturing services includes: product design, material selection and process steps in which the product is made.

The basic definition of manufacturing in general is a complex activity involving a wide variety of resources and activities of product design, purchasing, marketing, machinery and tooling, manufacturing, sales, design process, production control, materials delivery, service support, and customer service.

Manufacturing Information System is a computer-based system that works in conjunction with other functional information systems to support company management in solving problems related to product manufacturing company that still relies essentially on the input, process and output. This system is used to support production functions which includes all activities associated with the planning and control processes to produce goods or services. An electronic contract manufacturing software is another technology that can be implemented in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing is a branch of applied industrial process equipment and a medium for the transformation of raw materials into finished goods for sale. It involves all the processes required for the production and controls integration of the components of a product, with the use of industrial equipment such as Firetube Boilers.

Manufacturing can be defined on the two sides of Technology and Economics.