Balanced Scorecard concept will then be abbreviated BSC . BSC is a strategic management approach to that developed by Drs.Robert Kaplan ( Harvard Business School ) and David Norton in the early 1990s . BSC is derived from two words namely the balanced ( balanced ) and scorecard ( scorecard ) . Balanced ( balanced ) means that there is a balance between financial performance and non – financial , short-term performance and long-term performance , the performance of the internal and external performance . While the scorecard ( score card ) card is used to record a person’s performance score . Score cards also can be used to plan the score to be realized by a person in the future .
BSC initially used to improve executive performance measurement system . Early use of executive performance is measured only in terms of finances . Later developed into the four broad perspective , which is then used to measure the performance of the organization as a whole . The four perspectives , namely financial , customer , internal business process and learning and growth .
BSC management system is a mechanism that is able to translate the organization’s vision and strategy into real action on the ground . BSC is a management tool that has been proven to have helped many companies in implementing its business strategy .

Balanced Scorecard excellence
In the development of BSC has helped many companies to successfully achieve its goals . BSC has several advantages that are not owned traditional systems management strategy. Traditional management strategies assessed only the organization of the financial side of it and more focused on the measurement of things that are tangible, but business development demands to change the view that intangible things also play a role in the advancement of the organization . BSC answer these needs through contemporary strategy management system , which consists of four perspectives: financial , customer , internal business process and learning and growth .
BSC approach to excellence in strategic planning system is able to produce a strategic plan , which has the following characteristics ( 1 ) comprehensive , ( 2 ) coherent , ( 3 ) balanced and ( 4 ) measurable.