Some of the conditions necessary to support quality measurement that is valid is:
1. Measurements should start at the beginning of the program.
2. Quality measurements performed on the system as a whole.
Starting from the idea uncuk made ​​products until the end use of the product.
3. Quality measurement should include all individuals involved in the process.
Since the measurement of quality-oriented work processes, responsibilities should be the quality of the measurements on each individual involved in the process of working on the system.
4. Measurements should be able to bring up the data, where the data will be shown or displayed in the form of maps, diagrams, charts, statistical calculations, and others.
5. Measuring quality produce information – the headline should have been recorded without distortion, which means to be accurate.
6. It needs a thorough commitment to performance measurement and quality improvement.
7. Program – measurement and quality improvement program should be described in clear boundaries so it does not overlap with other programs.