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The word quality has many different definitions and varies from the conventional to the more strategic. Conventional definition of quality directly describes the characteristics of a product such as: performance, reliability, easy to use, aesthetics, and so forth. Strategic definition states that quality is everything that is capable of meeting customer needs or desires. Privileges or advantages of the products can be measured through customer satisfaction. This feature not only consists of the characteristics of the products offered, but also the service that accompanies the product, such as marketing, delivery accuracy and others. Privilege directly related to customer satisfaction is obtained directly in consuming products that have superior characteristics such as products without defects, reliability and others. Attractive privileges associated with that customer satisfaction is obtained indirectly by consuming the product. Attractive privilege often gives greater satisfaction to

Total Quality Management, TQM

Many times the companies that successfully develop quality management techniques in order to meet customer demand and manage properly the bias eventually won the competition in the global market. The concept of quality management is every company has its own distinctive character and features but in general will have the same mission and vision From the results of studies on the success of companies world-class industry that has developed the concept of quality within the company, was born the so-called Total Quality Management, TQM. In developing countries leading to the industrial countries need to build a modern quality system and an integrated quality management practices in various areas of life as a “weapon” to win the competition in the global market. Advanced industries in developed countries have implemented the concept of quality is gradually and now has entered a very tight market with a high level of competition. In Japan and in America is a country that can be used a refer

Quality Enhancement for Industry

Any business person who wants to win the competition in the industry will give full attention to quality. Full attention to quality will positively impact the business in two ways, namely: the impact on production costs and the impact on earnings Impact on production costs going through the process of making a product that has the degree of conformance (conformance) to high standards, so free from the damage that may be. Thus attention to the quality of the production process that will produce quality products that is free from damage. That means the inevitable occurrence of waste (waste) and inefficiencies so that the cost of production per unit will be low which in turn would make the product more competitive prices. The impact of increased revenue through increased sales occurs on competitively priced quality products. Quality products that are made through a process of quality will have a number of features that can improve customer satisfaction over the use of the product. Since