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Management support in the implementation of LeanSigma

Implementation of Lean-Sigma Enterprise System requires a cross functional management relating to the coordination of activity units (integrated enterprise) for the realized cross-functional goals and policies regarding the dissemination of Lean-Sigma implementation along the value stream. Value Stream is defined as the process to create, produce, and deliver products to market. For the manufacture of goods, value stream includes raw material suppliers, manufacturing and assembly, and distribution network to the user’s goods. For the service (service), value stream consists of suppliers, support personnel and technology, producer services, and service distribution channels. While cross-functional team is defined as a collection of people from various departments who are assigned to specific tasks such as the implementation of new systems, etc.

Progressive Attitude Against Customer

To gain the trust and mutually beneficial cooperation between manufacturer and customer. As the provider of products and production of our implementers should be able to deliver the best products and service to customers. Similarly, the production process, in addition to design and customer demand, we should also actively inquire about the smoothness of the best suppliers of how the process should be done, how a production is going well. In short the customer invited to get involved in the production even though it only asked his advice. And thus the customer feel rewarded and get involved in the production process. Ask for advice customers is of utmost importance to establish cooperation and reduce errors. Lean supply chain is created and focused on the customer, so that the needs and demands of customers should be paramount. Communication between the customer continues in the goal is always to ask and involve the production process to avoid errors caused by miscommunications, between