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Error-Proofing Procedure

Working procedures should be designed in such a way as to avoid mistakes, even if the executor is the layman and untrained member. According to Vincent Gaspers in his book “Continuous Cost Reduction through Lean Sigma Approach” Error Proofing Procedure classified into two; The first is a Server Error resulting from the task, treatment or tangible of service – Task errors such as improperly doing activities, doing things that do not need, do not want the customer orders, work activity slowly so as to make the waiting time and other – Treatment errors occur when a customer interacts deng as disrespectful, uncaring, indifferent, and other woods and negative behavior – Tangible errors are matters relating to the physical elements, such as: facilities are not clean, dirty clothes, air conditioning (AC) is not functioning, the mistakes of documents and so on.

Lean Supply Chain Management

The principle of lean is a journey not a destination, so that its implementation is an activity of continuous quality improvement. Lean supply chain management activities should get commitment from top management, because of the support and motivation of leaders will be able to continuously maintain continuity. Build a multi-discipline team, was an important beginning to ensure the execution of other projects can be run with lancer. This multi-discipline team should together be able to understand the company’s problems in general and understand the lean supply chain management.