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Mapping Products

Mapping of production activities is very helpful to analyze the advantages and disadvantages in terms of the production process. The grouping of these products will help the improvement process. This mapping can be done individually each product family, product line throughout the value stream process, to identify value-added activities and non-added value is a waste of money. Groups that have value-added activities will be the basis of improvement and further developed to achieve optimal performance. In contrast, for the processes that are not detail the contributions and tend to “waste” for the production process immediately corrected and removed, so as not to cause problems persist.

The term Kaizen Blitz in Improvement

Previous article I mentioned about the Kaizen Blitz, but I have not explained about the term Kaizen Blitz. Kaizen Blitz is a method of increasing rapidly, usually done within one week, which made the process is limited, for example, work cell, or other work area. Kaizen Blitz goal is to use innovative ideas to eliminate waste or innovative activities to eliminate waste or activities are not value-added work. The results achieved through the Kaizen Blitz is: – Setup Reduction Time – Improvement Productivity – Process time reduction – Inventory Reduction – Walking distance reduction

Kaizen Blitz For Cost Reduction Efforts In Continuous

Performance improvement program for continuous cost reduction requires a commitment to improvement that involves aspects of human motivation and technological aspects in a balanced way. Kaizen is a Japanese term can be interpreted as continuous improvement. High spirits of Kaizen in Japanese companies have made them thrive and excel in various fields of life, especially in terms of improved quality and productivity.