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Line Graph and Performance Indicator

Line Graph can show us the performance or the performance indicator of a process over time. Line graph is very easily understood by a layman though. For example, a graph of quality products from time to time. So that readers can immediately determine if the quality goes up or down between specified time interval. If the line tends to rise, it stands to reason that quality has increased, and vice versa when the line dropped it needs attention, do get improvement. If necessary when given the declining trend line in red to get more attention. Line Graph can show us the ongoing trend data, the performance standards which is the average of the existing statistical data, and estimated data to come. By looking at the trend in the management can take action quickly to the existing performance. Does it need to be done forcing the company’s performance, whether carried replace employees, whether conducted intensive training for employees to raise their performance, if necessary a thorough revamp

Steps of Resistor Manufacturing

In previous articles have described about the manufacturing process of the resistor. For more detai following describes the scheme of making resistors. With this scheme is expected to be more clear about the resistor manufacturing. From manufacturing process

Manufacturing Process of Resistor

Do you know the resistor? Yes, An electronic component that serves to inhibit the electric current. Or in more detail the electronic circuit is to divide the current into each of the other components in an electronic circuit according to the needs of electric current to the input required. Many businesses have different forms of resistor installed at their workstations as not all the machines require the same input of electricity to function. It is always good to compare business electricity while setting up a business as this is one such aspect which involves a lot of the capital from the business, thus finding an apt one which can help the business in many aspects must be one of the crucial steps every business owner must take while setting up their business. Also do you need to haul equipment from one place to another? Do you need to remove something heavy and awkward or do you need to haul electrical materials to your work site? We offer 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton pickup trucks, and 1 to

Lean Six Sigma for Customer Satisfaction

Managerial concept most popular in industry and manufacturing date is six sigma, or better known as the concept of lean six sigma. Lean Six Sigma is an improvement project that refers to the efficiency in the production of habituation consisting of 5s concept in all lines of production, the elimination of seven waste / YOUNG (defects, overproduction, transportation, waiting, inventory, over process, and motion) and seek Zero defect in product is produced. Lean six sigma here is a project that serves a real improvement by using statistics as a basis to solve the problem. With the DMAIC method, systematically executing project will be guided in making the improvement. Improvement are made based on the customer and is a response / countermeasures to meet the quality standards expected.