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Process Analyzing

Intent and purpose of analyzing this process is making hypotheses based on existing problems and then proceed to be proved through scientific analysis, with the present by using the tools recommended. This stage is also called a diagnostic step that provides a justification for the identification of the previous process. Knowledge of current process conditions will assist us in analyzing problems that occur. The method used for this analysis are: – Develop Cause & Effect Hypotheses, Developing a hypothesis about why the problems could occur. Troubleshooting problems that occur could have happened on the Material, machine / equipment, Method, People, Measurement and environment factors. This method includes the basic methods that are often used but very helpful in developing hypotheses. – Gather Causal Data – Plan how you will from gather evidence to support yourhypotheses. Gather Evidence to Establish the “guilt” or “innocence” of the differentfactors. This may be done through anal

Measure & Observe as the Six Steps DMAIEC Process Improvement

The second step of the process improvement steps are DMAIEC Measure. The purpose of the measure of the improvement of this step is to observe the measuring process dang work in producing the product and how the process could be developed for the better. Make Improvement. In this case we are we must know the concept of 5W1H (What, What, Where, When, Why and How) about the process in question. The problems that exist should be classified in the appropriate category. Which problems in critical priority problems and the problems that a category simple problem. All in rank according to priority and is selected to be one of the themes and items that will be improvement.

DEFINE The reason for Improvement

The purpose of the DEFINE of the Six Steps DMAIEC is determining who is considered one of the most important problems. And should be able to explain why the problem is perceived is very important for the improvement. Is the problem in question is important for the service / product, or strongly influence the organization’s strategic. What is the impact if the problem was quickly resolved. How large a gap caused. It is important to consider, because if it feels not too important then the improvement process will be felt perfunctory and not serious.