Increase continuity in any company, especially a company that refers to the system development quality as Japanese companies. 5S acronym has become commonplace and essential in building a work culture that has high productivity and quality. 5S is the acronym I can briefly describe as below.

Seiri (Sort): By explicitly separating the items required from the items that are not needed and then discard those items that are not needed from the workplace.

Seiton (Stabilize, Straighten, Set in Order, simplify): Storing the items required in the workplace right away so easily taken if you want to use.

Seiso (Shine, Sweep): maintain the work area to keep it clean and tidy

Seiketsu (standardize): Standardizing the practice 3S (Seiri, Seiton and Seiso) mentioned above.

Shitsuke (Sustain, Self-Discipline): make the discipline into a habit by following established procedures.

There are things that are very important in industry and manufacturing, which is a safety issue. 5S is the concept of building a culture to improve productivity and quality. Safety needs to be added to complete the 5s.