When consumers make a purchase will find a lot of emotional factors. Offered by a strong brand is often the emotional factor. Rationally, BMW is a good car, but feeling more customers to encourage them to buy the car. The same thing happened to Coca-Cola products vs. Pepsi. Emotional dimension is divided into three factors, namely:
a. Aesthetics, relates to the shape and color of the product includes the size, proportion and symmetry.

b. Self Expressive Value
Aspects of self-expressive value is a form of satisfaction that occurs due to the social environment and its surroundings. In the automotive world there are you are what you drive. This expression arises because many people choose a car brand by consideration of how others would see him with the car. In addition to cars, cosmetic products are satisfaction with products influenced by the beliefs and feelings of others around them users .

c. Brand Personality
Brand personality aspects related to personal character. For example, Star Mild cigarette products are intended for those who are younger. They have the character to live with freedom and do not like the conservative norms.