Modern quality systems are characterized by a lack of understanding of each person the specific responsibility for quality. Although the quality should be the responsibility of each person, but should also note that each person has different responsibilities, depending on its position within the company. Thus the specific responsibilities of the quality need to be known by every person in his position. For example: the people who work in product development is responsible for designing new products that meet customer desires and the consistent attention to economic aspects that can be produced by the production.

In this example, the production is a customer of the product development. So is the responsibility of the purchasing department, do not have to buy the material is only based on price alone material or simply based on the time of delivery, but should consider the quality aspects of the others. In a modern quality system, top management must demonstrate commitment through words and actions that the quality is very important to maintain the company’s survival. Dr. W. Dekker, president and chairman of Phillips, said: “The quality of goods and services is extremely important for the continuity of our company”.