Besides the notion of quality as mentioned previous articles, the quality can also be defined as everything that determines customer satisfaction and efforts to change the direction of continuous improvement so that the technical term is: Q-MATCH (Quality = Meets Agreed Terms and Changes).

Based on the definition of quality, both conventional and more strategic, we may state that basically refers to the quality of basic terms:
• The quality of the product consists of a number of features, either directly or privilege of attractive features that meet the desires of customers and thereby provide satisfaction for the use of the product.
• The quality of everything that is free from deficiencies or damage.

Based on the basic understanding about the quality of the above, it appears that the quality has always focused on the customer. Thus the products are designed, manufactured and services provided to meet customer needs. Because quality refers to everything that determine customer satisfaction, a new product can be produced if the quality is said to correspond with the wishes of the customer, can be put to good use, and is produced in a way that is good and right.