Continuous Cost Reduction Program (CCRP) is a program organized systematically to improve the quality and productivity of industry through the reduction and elimination of waste continuously for all activities that occur and the system involved in the industry. The main objective of this program is to increase the competitiveness of products in the market both in terms of quality, price competition and customer satisfaction levels.

Each company has different conditions in dealing with quality issues. Opportunities and the chance to develop cost reduction program will constantly vary from one company to another. It depends on the specifics of the industry itself. For the activists and the movers of this program should really understand the condition of the company they work for. So the concept is made in accordance with the vision and mission in terms of quality.

Conceptually to all organizations and companies is the same industry. All the achievements and success depends on management commitment and innovation efforts to reduce and eliminate waste cost components, such as labor costs, material costs, energy costs and other expenses costs (expense cost, space requirement cost, etc)