Steps in a lean sigma approach in the industry, one of which is to eliminate the waste that occurs throughout the production process. Dissipation that occurs along the process chain services should be identified and removed for a smooth production process. Encountered any small waste must be immediately taken action.

Here are some types of waste in manufacturing industry and service industry.
Seven waste in the manufacturing industry can generally be identified as follows:
1. defect
2. Transportation waste
3. Overproduction waste
4. Waiting Waste
5. Waste Processing
6. Waste Movement
7. Waste Inventory
The seven waste was developed by Taiichi Ohno (Toyota Classic Seven Wastes)

The Seven Waste in the service industry can be described as follows
A. Errors in Documents Waste
2. Transport of Documents
3. Doing Work Not Requested
4. Waiting for the next Step
5. Steps and Approval Process
6. Unnecessary Motion
7. Backlog of Work
The concept of the seven waste in the service industry was developed Inc. Product and Process Innovation. 312 Beck worth Drive, Taylors SC 29 687