Several dimensions or attributes that need to be considered in improving the quality of services are:

1. Timeliness of services, which take into account is the waiting time and processing time, accuracy of service, relating to the reliability of error-free service.
2. Courtesy and hospitality to provide services, especially for those who interact directly with customers from outside such as telephone operators, security guards, drivers, administrative staff, cashiers, concierge, nurses and others. Image of the service industry services is largely determined by those companies that are at the forefront in serving the external customer directly.
3. Liability, relating to the receipt of orders and handling complaints from external customers.
4. Completeness, regarding the scope and availability of support services and other complementary services.
5. Ease of getting care, related to the number of outlets, number of serving officers, such as cashiers, administrative staff, the number of support facilities such as computers for data processing and others.
6. Variation model of service, relating to innovations to provide new patterns in the service, the service features.

7. Personal services, with regard to flexibility, handling special requests.
8. Convenience in obtaining services, related to the location, the room service, ease of reaching / parking of vehicles, availability of information, clues, and other forms.
9. Attributes supporting other services, such as: the environment, cleanliness, waiting room, music facilities, air conditioning and so on

Various dimensions of service quality must be considered by the management services industry, especially in determining costs associated with the customer to pay for services received. A set fee should be competitive with other competitors in the service industry.