There are several documents that must be considered by the leaders and members to ensure continuity of process improvement to come.

These documents should be stored in an orderly manner to ensure ease for other members to find and translate the improvements has been achieved. And further improvement will be easy to come by finding a gap that has not been touched before.

Some of the documents to be archived are:
1. problem definition
2. Process Analysis
3. Current Situation and Performance Measures
4. Countermeasures Identification and evaluation
5. countermeasures Implementation
6. Result
7. Process Control Plan and Implementation
8. Next Step
9. Team Meeting Minutes & Notes
10. Improvement Project Plan

Team leaders must be active and responsible for the improvement documents story and always updating these documents. In addition it should be to disseminate the document to distribute to all members concerned to be understood and to understand the implementation of improvement is being done.