Six sigma is a process of gradual improvement and continuous based on the survey that focused on customer demand which is the highest quality standards in manufacturing business. Customer request form is then implemented in product design and production in the production area. If in the production of goods do not meet the standards expected of consumers it must be in the review, in the redesign and production again to produce a product that really fit with customer demand.

Six sigma for improvement cycle is deceptively simple, but in practice will make busy the entire plant. Starting from the cleaning service, machine operators to top management. All should earnestly perform the appropriate production orders with the main objective, which is presenting the best quality according to customer needs.

Some of the factors that influence the success or failure of six sigma is as follows:
1. Effective leadership involvement
2. Aggressive and rigorous approach to managing and Improving business process.
3. Disciplined use of methodology, fact and data
4. Strong Result orientation.