Intent and purpose of analyzing this process is making hypotheses based on existing problems and then proceed to be proved through scientific analysis, with the present by using the tools recommended. This stage is also called a diagnostic step that provides a justification for the identification of the previous process.

Knowledge of current process conditions will assist us in analyzing problems that occur. The method used for this analysis are:
– Develop Cause & Effect Hypotheses, Developing a hypothesis about why the problems could occur. Troubleshooting problems that occur could have happened on the Material, machine / equipment, Method, People, Measurement and environment factors. This method includes the basic methods that are often used but very helpful in developing hypotheses.
– Gather Causal Data – Plan how you will from gather evidence to support yourhypotheses. Gather Evidence to Establish the “guilt” or “innocence” of the differentfactors. This may be done through analysis of product or service outputs and”production” process factors, or through experiments performed That deliberatelychange the value of factors in the “production” process.
– Determine Root Causes & Validate (X’s) – Study the results of your cause and effect analysis. Which of the potential root Causes Contribute most to the problem you are Attempting to solve? If you Eliminate the root cause, by how much Will the problem be reduced?

Tools that are used to analyze the process is the Cause and Effect Analysis, ParetoAnalysis of Causes, histograms / Hypothesis Tests, Scatter Diagram / Regression,Process Analysis, Value Analysis / Value Engineering, Twenty Questions, ErrorModes and Effects Analysis, Design of Experiments