After analyzing the process with all the problems the dam predict problem-solving actions. The next step is to clarify, define and evaluate countermeasures to be taken. Is the point of change provide an important effect on the variables that have been previously analyzed. And whether the countermeasures that can improve the performance of the machine / process. These changes should be evaluated in terms of benefit, cost, and possible side effects. Improvement should be carefully planned, promoted and implemented.

The method used to identify and evaluate these countermeasures are
1. Identify breakthrough. Determine countermeasures that might be done to address issues that have been analyzed. Select one or more possible countermeasures that are considered most effective in the sense of easy, cost the least expensive and have high impact. The selected countermeasures must be “sold” to the stakeholders (customers, staff, management etc.), Then made a detailed planning and effective implementation. A pilot or demonstration effort may occur prior to “full-scale” implementation.
2. Select practice approach. Step countermeasures translate into a set of changes that could be implemented. In practice this approach should be tried to determine the best methods and training are most effective against the improvement is applied.
3. Design Future State. The next method is to design new products and process. This is done because when analyzed product / process no longer in line with customer demand.
4. Predict New “Sigma”. Predicting how the achievement of targets that can be given. Can it be Reduced 40% or even 80%
5. Perform Cost / Benefit & Risk Analysis – Are the changes you are suggesting justified by the economics? What risks (business, technical and legal help from this weblink online.) Are created by the changes? How Important Will the risks be prevented or mitigated?

To identify and evaluate countermeasures there are several tools that are used are: Root Cause / countermeasures Matrix, Benchmarking, Cost / Benefit, Risk Analysis, Process Design, Project Planning worksheet.