After the improvement made and executed countermeasures, we should check the results arising from the implementation. Whether the effects obtained in the engine performance / process improvement that has been done. Is able to show the improvement made in the field of quality improvement or not. Is the problem in production has been resolved? Are all operators understood that the changes made to show better results than before.
Some of the questions above will prove that countermeasures could make the problem intractable execution and improvement achieved. Some methods used are
1. Develop a control method, making the procedure work, drawings, instruction, specification or other visual methods to control the process.
2. Visualization through the dashboard and scorecard, determines how we measure the results and visualize the results.
3. Worker training which focuses on changes that have been made for improvement.
4. Collect performance data and analysis. This stage is the result of measurement results have been achieved after the improvement. Collect outcome data improvement and influence given to the quality, cost and so on.
5. Collect Customer Feedback In addition to statistical data, customer interviews also needs to be done to ensure that problem was resolved and no further claim customer.
6. Managing Improvement. Ensure that improvement has been made have been implemented well and can be controlled continuously.
To control this activity required graph Line, RunCharts, Control Charts, Pareto Analysis, Histogram,Capability Analysis, Operation Procedure, Work Instruction and others.