The purpose of the DEFINE of the Six Steps DMAIEC is determining who is considered one of the most important problems. And should be able to explain why the problem is perceived is very important for the improvement. Is the problem in question is important for the service / product, or strongly influence the organization’s strategic. What is the impact if the problem was quickly resolved. How large a gap caused. It is important to consider, because if it feels not too important then the improvement process will be felt perfunctory and not serious.

The method used is:

– Launch the project: Brain storming list of problems that may occur and must be completed. Then choose one of the most important. Then collect data from customer feedback to identify problems that has to do with the products and services. Choose one of the customer feedback is the most important. Collect performance data on your products and services (quality, cost, delivery, safety). Pick a product / service with the largest performance “gap.” Obtain a copy of your organization’s strategic plan. Where and how can your department Contribute to the overall plan? Which of your products / services must be improved? As the output of this step, develop a “theme” or “mission” statement for the effort.
– Define Outcomes – How Will the success of the project be Measured? What aspect of the product or service needs
– Improvement – quality, cost, delivery or safety?
– Identify Stakeholders – Who are the key people Who Will be impacted by (or WHO can influence) the project’s direction and success? Where do They stand relative to changes That may occur as a result of this project?
– Select Team – Who Should Be Represented? Full-time? Part-time?
– Determine Project Approach – DMAIEC project provides a general approach; what specific modifications or additions are needed?
– Create Project Plan – Develop a work breakdown structure, PERT and / or Gantt chart.

Tools used are:
– Customer Feedback / Complaint Data
– Line Graphs, Run Charts, Control Charts
– Project Charter
– Organization of Strategic Plan