Changes have been made should be implemented properly. Improvement as a basis for further improvement. Once the changes are implemented and proceed in a standard procedure for, certainly in the process of implementation has an unexpected obstacle. And in the spirit of continuous improvement we have to do training and education to all members of production to adhere to procedures that have been made. Also supervision must be maintained and the planning of the new changes should be done when getting the problems that exist in the production /process.

To get feedback from change improvement that has been done there should be visually as well as methods of data analysis to get enough stock in conducting surveillance and subsequent improvement. Methods used include the following:
1. Report Dashboard and Scorecard data. Always record and report on performance measurement and process. Subsequently visualized in the form of a dashboard report
2. Create a Feedback Loop & Adjust Process.
3. Replication Identify Opportunity. Ensure that changes / improvement goes well with changes in quality, cost, and Reduced defective significantly. With so changes can be duplicated to another process to get the same profit.
4. Future Development Plans.
There are several tools that can be used to obtain information in the control process and plan for further improvement. These tools include Operation Procedure, Work Instruction, Feedback training, line graph, Control Chart, Quality story Improvement Review Form, Planning Project Worksheet.