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In the Autonomous Defective Control System

As stated earlier, the two pillars that support the Toyota production system is JIT and Autonomation. To achieve JIT perfect, 100 percent defect-free unit must flow into the following process, and this flow must be rhythmic without Interruption. Therefore, quality control must live together with the JIT operations throughout the Kanban system.Autonomation means making a mechanism to prevent the defective goods were produced en masse in the machine or product line. Autonomation word does not mean automation, but it is checked in the autonomous existence of abnormal things in a process. Autonomous machine is a machine that given the automatic stop device. In Toyota factories, nearly all the machines are autonomous so that the mass production of defective goods can be prevented and damage to the machine automatically checked.Mechanisms to prevent product defects by placing a variety of inspection tools in a variety of equipment and instruments is called foolproof. (“Bakayoke” or “Pokayoke

The Goals of Toyota Production System

The basic intent of the Toyota production system is to increase profits by reducing costs through the elimination of all waste such as inventory or labor that is too much.To achieve cost reductions, production must be quickly and flexibly adjust to changes in market demand without excess time on useless. Such ideas were achieved with the concept of JIT: produce the goods required, the amount required, and when necessary. At Toyota, the Kanban system has been developed as a way to post production for a month and managing JIT. To implement the Kanban system, is required smoothing production by leveling the number and variety of spare parts by taking the last line of the raft. This reduction in time required for production orders, for a variety of spare parts should be produced quickly every day. This can be achieved with small lot size production or one-piece production and transport of one-piece. Production of a small lot can be achieved by shortening the time of preparation, and produc


Toyota production system to integrate and achieve different goals (ie controlling the quantity, quality assurance, and respect for humanity) while pursuing the ultimate goal of reducing costs. Repair activity is a fundamental element of the Toyota production system; is what makes the Toyota production system really can work. Each employee mempuyai opportunity to give advice and propose improvements through a small group called Quality Control. The process of giving such suggestions enable improvements in control by adjusting the number of routine operations to changes in cycle time, improvements in quality assurance to prevent the recurrence of work disability and the machine breaks, and in honor of humanity by allowing each worker to participate in the production process.