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Quality Improvement Concept: Establishing Specific Improvement Project

This article is still something to do with Juran’s Quality Trilogy, which is about Quality Improvement. Making Improvement can not be carried out directly and make immediate changes that big. As well as improving quality by reducing dust particles attached to the product. Improvement projects that have campaigned is about 5s management, ranging from awareness training 5s, Seiso suppression activities by controlling dust at the area desk each and standardization to ensure continuity. Problems in the company are many and complex, so many improvement projects that must be tilled. But improvement is good improvement more specific and refers to the scale of priorities:

Juran's Quality Trilogy: Providing the Needs for Improvement

In Juran’s Quality Trilogy, is the second point is the quality improvement. Improvement is an important activity in manufacturing. For that we need the support of all parties. The Company will not be able to compete if it does not make improvement. To get the best product quality can not be achieved by means of instant, but the improvement done in stages. The things most important improvement is the participation of all components of the company. Improvement projects should be supported fully. It should also be done by the ranks of top management. Top management has the power to decide everything about the company’s policy will be crucial, especially in the provision needs improvement

Quality Planning: New Design of Product Must Be Transferred to Operator

Important work that involves all components of the company. The realization of new design is meant to happen Transferred process with all those involved with the plan and training approximately them. The new design will require a great energy in order to conduct training to all operators in the factory. Training not just for the operators, but a manager should also understand about the product specifications. Operators in charge of transporting the product / material should also understand how to treat the product in accordance with operating standards and find out critical control point, which often causes defective.

Capable of Making the Product Under Actual Operating Conditions

Creating a quality product design should stick to the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing. Lean manufacturing focuses on the savings in all production lines must remain the reference. Indeed the general product quality must be built with raw materials, machinery and processes are also expensive. But that does not mean having to add production machinery if there are changes in product design or any new product. Trends and design changes may often occur in the course of making products that meet the standards of customer demand. However, the appropriate design expertise with production machinery that exists is the main priority in order to obtain maximum benefits.

Toyota Production System: The System of “Kanban”

In this system, the type and number of units required is written on a card similar to a label called “Kanban”, sent by workers from one process to another worker in theprevious process. As a result, many processes in the plant will be interconnected. Withinterrelated processes in this plant allows better control in terms of the number needed for various products. In the Toyota production system, kanban system supported the following things: – efforts to streamline production – Standardization of work – Reduced setup time – Activities improvement – The design of machine layout – autonomation