In the study of Six Sigma, there are several qualifications that are often referred to as a White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt. Each has its own level of expertise required, simply getting into the direction of Master Black Belt, of course, requires more skill and experience are more complex.

Six Sigma is not just quality improvement, but it could become an integrated management system that has an impact on various aspects, including the discipline of leadership development. That said, a qualified operator should-he was a white-yellow belt or a belt, a team leader or supervisor ideally a green belt that is capable of organizing improvement team, preferably in a managerial level it is a black belt in charge of organizing the improvement team and set a performance improvement program in the area of responsibility. When we refer to the level of Master Black Belt, this capability must be owned by a business unit head is capable of delivering a large impact on the achievement of change management six sigma performance.

Study the stages of six sigma is as follows:
Six Sigma Green Belt Manual
01 – What is Six Sigma
02 – Six Sigma Belts
03 – Improving Existing Products & Services
04 – Working With Teams
05 – Defining the Process
06 – Process Analysis Methods
07 – Developing Performance Indicators
08 – Data Collection
09 – Core Data Displays
10 – Process Capability Analysis
11 – Pareto Analysis
12 – Cause and Effect Analysis
13 – Scatter Diagrams & Correlation-Regression Analysis
14 – Selecting & Implementing Countermeasures
15 – Change Management
16 – Process Management Methods
17 – Control Charts

Improving Process – Exercises
The materials above will be followed by a practicum session. Begin your mapping and analysis of performance / achievement of KPI in your department, use the performance gap as the basis for the selection of six sigma projects would you do for 3-6 months. If the problem is not too complicated and can be executed easily, use the Six Sigma Kaizen, namely problem solving & improvement which takes 1-4 weeks just with the steps to use Six Sigma or Kaizen approach