Mastery of the situation will be very important research project. For that a project must involve people who are In-Charge and working in the relevant section. Person In charge who really understand the process flow, and the problem of raw materials, machinery and the type of damage that often occurs and the process of repair, defective products produced along with the frequent and so forth. Therefore, when there are problems can be directly aware of the problem point and picture completion.

Six sigma team must really have a solid skill for each job that needed improvement in research. The first one should be someone who really mastered the situation particularly on the process / section that will be the project. And the best person is the PIC (Person In-charge).

The second is someone who is proficient in data analysis. Appropriate in a representative sampling., Processed with software that is available and show the result of a statistical overview of data in a clear and oriented to problem solving and achievement of targets.

The third is someone who understands the machine starts production of virgin workings, operation, failure and the way maintenance operations, or otherwise use the machine is a tool for the production of goods. The most suitable person is the operator or supervisor engine and engine parts.

The fourth is a person skilled in the production process itself, where every work is always faced with the production process.
Will thus form a solid team to reach targets on quality improvement projects