Schedule of improvement Project

Preparation of planning for improvement such as Six Sigma projects must be done carefully. An urgent project should be promptly dealt with a systematic and scheduled according to need. However, otherwise it will not abandon the rules of research and improvement has been learned, which must still treat the improvement project with a systematic and proper procedures.

The test product should be fixed step by step in accordance with standard operating system.
Schedule to be prepared for example, determining the theme, identifying problems, setting goals, designing the project, meetings are conducted regularly and intensively, the test method in the field, determination of results and presentation of results and standardization.

All must be scheduled with a neat and each member of the project should be able to be disciplined against an agreed schedule. Quality Six Sigma project results depending on the time and labor discipline of members of the improvement project. Schedule that is in accordance with the targets and implementation in accordance with the procedure will determine a good or bad project itself