Design product to be produced to some extent will affect the production activities. Moreover, the design was made at the time of production is still going to produce long products. With the new product design that will certainly cause changes in manufacturing management system for example:

1. Setting machine
The machine that normally re-used should be setup to be the size, speed and so forth depending on the design of modified products
More and more design modifications of course the more the machine settings to be done. Even the possibility of adding machine tool production if the new design does not allow work by the old engine.

2. Measurement and testing products
The new method will certainly be applied to measurement and testing new products. This is related to new product specifications and products that will be launched to customers.
Reliability of measurement and testing systems at stake to deliver high quality products

3. Training Training
Every member who holds the production process should get intensive training to match the perception of new products. The main training is training on product knowledge, product specifications and of course how the operation of the machine. All the operators involved must understand correctly treated virgin product.

4. Standard Operation Procedure
This section is the most important part to make the product in accordance with that expected. Standardization includes all processes that run this product. Starting treatment products that come from suppliers, inspection of incoming, SOP in the production process, the SOP in the final inspection. SOP treatment in the finished product of good stores

In a certain period of time should be held control with a targeted and systematic mechanism to get the product in accordance with the plan and to get feedback from customers.