Poor quality is always experienced by almost all companies all the time. Maybe for the new company, realized or not will always get it. They may wonder, whereas the procedure had passed all stages of the process perfectly. But why still the product remains in accordance with the specifications of the expected quality.

Manufacturing is a very complex activity that involves thousands of variables that influence it. Starting from the materials from suppliers, storage systems, production processes, delivery and so forth. But for the new company should be gradual. Problem solved one by one seriously and continuously. Kaizen (Improvement continously) should be used as the working culture in the company. Obviously it requires a serious handling and coordination of the management.

You look at the image below:

How much does it cost to rework and reinspect. If in one process there is one mistake and the mistake the job need 2 additional rework and reinspect. How many if one consists of 20 manufacturing process. About a 40 There are activities that must be done. How much labor terbat. How many machines used for these activities. How much spent fuel to run the machine and so on. The cost certainly is not small and the mounting like a melting iceberg that difficult if it is enlarged

Therefore, quality projects are recommended, such as six sigma is trying to unravel one by one the problems facing the company. However iceberg must be thawed before enlarging into a complicated problem in the company.