Important work that involves all components of the company. The realization of new design is meant to happen Transferred process with all those involved with the plan and training approximately them. The new design will require a great energy in order to conduct training to all operators in the factory.

Training not just for the operators, but a manager should also understand about the product specifications. Operators in charge of transporting the product / material should also understand how to treat the product in accordance with operating standards and find out critical control point, which often causes defective.

Some of that must be considered to realize the training of new products to be produced at the plant:

1. Making the concept of targeted training

Training for managers should include a strategy on the product. To be able to produce as efficiently as possible and can produce a quality product. How to manage human resources in the factory with a good, identify the skills and deploy workers in accordance with his expertise. New products require new skills for handling.

Training operators over the operating techniques, the basics of product design, product specifications and treatment products that will be processed. Likewise with the member store training more emphasis on product inspection system of raw materials, how to treat the material to ensure product quality.

Similarly the member inspection should be given training on bar products, critical control points that are directly or indirectly affect product quality.

2. Training on an ongoing basis

Training in manufacturing should be conceptualized well and can follow the development of production needs. Trainer Company will classify human resources and expertise based on field work then begins with awareness training and new product designs. This training should be gradual and targeted so that it will be a network of strong skills in manufacturing organizations.